FFL Transfers
Iron Horse Armory is happy to assist with the inbound transfer of your firearm – the process is very simple.
  1. You are responsible for the financial portion of your firearm purchase.  
  2. Have the seller send a copy of their FFL, your name and contact information, and the make, model, and serial number of the firearm(s) being transferred to .  We will respond to the seller with our FFL documentation and they will send the gun to us.
  3. We will call you when the firearm(s) has been received, checked in, and is ready for pickup.  Please allow us at least 24 hours to receive and process your incoming transfer(s).  We are required to enter the firearm(s) information into our A&D book before you may do your CBI background check and take possession of your transfer(s). 
  4. The cost for us to process your transfer(s) is $30 per firearm. (DOES NOT INCLUDE NFA ITEMS)
  5. NFA transfers are $175 per item UNLESS you order through SilencerShop and use us as your Powered By dealer. 

Private Transfers
We are happy to help you facilitate your private transfer(s).  The cost is $30 per firearm plus your $6 CBI background check.  Both you and the transferee must have current address ON THE FRONT of your driver’s license or have non-expired government issued ID with same address.